Food Colouring Crafts: Painting and Beading, Game: Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Join us every Saturday for new crafts and activities between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

Log on to our Facebook Page and let the kids follow along. Prepare supplies and supervise children during the session.

Share your images, we would love to post with your permission. Email them to or Whats app 772-3237

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What's on this week.

Activity 1: Painting or Colouring.

We will be painting the picture. Print or draw a smiliar picture. If you do not have paints you can use food colouring or colour with regular crayons/markers/colour pencils.

Activity 2: Beading with Macaroni

We will be making jewelry with dyed Macaroni.

Kids will need string like twine, a shoe lace or nylon. The string must be able to go through the hole of the macaroni.

Parents are advised to dye the pasta before so the kids can follow the beading. We recommend three colours of pasta.

Here are a few ways you can dye macaroni.

Video 1 with food colouring


Video 2 with paint and glue

Activity 3: Scavenger Hunt

Follow the directions provided. Find the items when we say start.

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